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Music Agency Executive (Paid; Part-time).

We live in the era of self-entitlement, where a lot of money or a great marketing scheme for an exceptionally pretty person can get you a hit or even a successful career regardless of raw talent…(just look at Katy Perry!)

What isn’t really talked about openly is the sheer level of graft that this industry requires.

It can seem intimidating when you think about it. But ask yourself this question…do you aspire to be the best at admin work for the rest of your life, working on Excel spreadsheets for a faceless corporation until the day you retire?

Or would you rather learn about the music industry from the bottom up? Be exposed to various different fields, and chase whichever one takes your fancy.

Ad Hoc is a holistic music agency – we:

–       release records

–       manage producers and DJs

–       facilitate their bookings, and run our own events

–       host radio shows and DJ residencies

Being a member of our team will give you the chance to be exposed to the different sides of each operation.

What we’re looking for is someone who deeply cares about music. We love hearing about new or undiscovered old music, and have a vast spectrum of taste. We’re not exclusionist. Although if you’re into EDM you can stop reading right now.


Passion is the driving force of the music industry – that’s all we’re asking for.

The typical tasks of this role will be:

–       researching and making contact with potential partners and clients;

–       sorting large collections of music into suitable genre-specific playlists;

–       assisting in finding new music online for specific client briefs;

–       other general admin assistance (sorry!).

Ad Hoc is not a hierarchical agency – we’re open to ideas from any level. In return you’ll receive experience in a friendly and open environment, access to DJ equipment, financial remuneration, and free tickets to events / industry networking events. It would be a bonus if you DJ or produce tracks already, although, as stated previously, passion is the priority.

If you like the sound of this position, or are simply interested in finding more about our company, then drop us a line at:

and we’ll get in touch to organise a cup of tea with you. In your email please include responses to the following questions:

–       Previous organisational experience (if any)?

–       What is your favorite track at the moment and why?

–       What is the best live act you have ever seen and why?

–       Why you want the position, and what you think you’ll be able to bring to the role.

Best of luck, and we look forward to hearing from you soon,

– The Ad Hoc Team