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“For a city of Manchester’s size, the amount of amazing musical talent that has developed here is insane. From indie music like the Smiths, Joy Division and the rest of the Factory Records artists – from acid house acts like A Guy Called Gerald to legendary clubs like the Hacienda and Sankeys Soap. 

As a teenager obsessed with music, I chose to move to Manchester to study partly because of the city’s rich musical and cultural heritage. I had read about the Unabomber’s club night ‘Electric Chair’, and their philosophy behind running nights that encompassed all genres of music. 

When I moved to the city I started going to nights like Hoya Hoya, So Flute and Banana Hill which, to me, embraced exactly the same attitude towards music for a new generation. I discovered there was just as lively a musical community making fantastic music, and by going to all these nights I was lucky enough to become friends with some of the people who ran them. 

It inspired me to start a label that encapsulated the current sound of the city – just as Tony Wilsons Factory Records could be said to have encapsulated the Madchesterera. Not being boxed into releasing any particular style of music, but showcasing the best of the citys sound to an international audience. 

After I graduated I moved to Accra, capital of Ghana in West Africa, and started a residency in a bar. I played a mixture of western music and what was popular over there. I love the fact that music that can be appreciated regardless of language, ethnicity, socio-economic backgroundit reinforced my believe that I wanted to start a label which didn’t just release distinctly ‘UK-’ or ‘US-’ style electronic music, but music which has an international outlook.

I was also inspired by what Bradley Zero was doing with Rhythm Section… having a record label and regular club night centered around a specific area and its creative community, but not letting that narrow the scope of the music released on it. Even though I also grew up in South London I’ve developed a real connection with Manchester and it’s electronic music scene through the years I’ve lived here. There was no hesitation on basing the label anywhere other than this city.”

David Burch, Feb 2017


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