Ad Hoc create brand-enhancing soundtracks for your business through music programming and DJ performances.

We work with:

Corporate events/parties

DJ Services

From chilled yet creative background sets to getting customers up on a dance-floor, we have a select roster of professional DJs that can create the perfect atmosphere for restaurants, bars and nightclubs.

We work with our clients to ensure that the DJ music policy is appropriate for their venues and also advise on technical requirements, set times and costs.


Music Programming

We understand the subtle influence that background music plays in hospitality environments. We believe that each brand should have its own signature sound and therefore our bespoke venue playlists are compiled with exceptional attention to detail.

Research has proven that hospitality brands with tailored musical soundtracks create atmospheres where consumers spend more. Conversely, getting this musical brand identity wrong can lead to lower sales.

We discuss your brand identity and, using our select roster of professional DJs and musicians, create a bespoke music collection to suit it.

Past Clients include:

“The Ad Hoc DJs are always a go-to when picking out of Manchester’s talents. Full professionals, with a very professional set-up, makes them a very easy choice.

Their knowledge of crowd-reading almost guarantees a perfect upbeat atmosphere that customers will be wanting to stick around for and get up dancing”

General Manager, Brewdog Manchester

Odd Bar
Oddest Bar (Chorlton)
El Capo
Stage and Radio
Affleck & Brown
The Wonder Inn